Unconventional Oil & Gas Evaluations

Unconventional developments have become an increasingly important source of oil and natural gas in the United States. NSAI has developed its expertise over the past decades by working with numerous clients, from the early exploration phase through the development phase, who are active in all major unconventional plays. We understand the technological and economic drivers behind this growth, the complexities unique to each play, and the uncertainties in estimating producible volumes. Our team can lend its judgment and expertise, based on thousands of hours of relevant experience, to any unconventional resources evaluation.

We have been involved in projects in all major unconventional plays in North America, as well as other emerging unconventional plays worldwide. Our insights are delivered on the lease, local, and regional levels. NSAI maintains a regional mapping system and a public production database system for most of the major unconventional plays and has developed integrated basin analysis studies on spacing, performance, completions, hydrocarbons-in-place, and recovery factors along with type curves grouped by landing zone, area, operator, and completion type. We have also developed a well spacing monitoring system to integrate into our engineering performance analysis.

Our team will work with you to quantify your unconventional reserves and resources, optimize your development strategies, and identify your expansion opportunities. And, when it comes to financing or acquisition and divestiture activity, you can trust that an evaluation by NSAI will be highly respected by the industry and financial community.

Our scope of work generally includes:

  • Performance assessments of historical production, including primary completion and refrac evaluations, drainage studies, pipeline volume studies, and estimation of recovery for offset producers
  • Comprehensive geological and petrophysical hydrocarbons-in-place assessment including identification of competent frac barriers and additional conventional pay zones
  • Geologic support for prospect development and mineral acquisition
  • Interpretation of seismic data to identify presence of karsting and faulting
  • Recommendations for acquiring core data and laboratory testing procedures as well as interpretation of free gas, total organic carbon (TOC), and isotherm data
  • Independent reserves and resources assessments, including economics
  • Vertical and horizontal well drilling and completion design, including stimulation and flowback procedures
  • Design of development programs intended to maximize reserves base and asset value

    To talk to one of our Unconventional Resources experts, call either Matt Dalka or Bill Knights in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401 or either Neil Little or Matt Pankey in our Houston office at 713-654-4950. We can also be contacted by email at info@nsai-petro.com for more information.