Reservoir Simulation

At NSAI, our Reservoir Simulation experts have been evaluating reservoirs around the world for over 30 years. Numerical reservoir simulation is a sophisticated evaluation technique that includes material balance, fluid flow, reservoir heterogeneity, well interference, wellbore hydraulics, and facility characteristics in its predictions of reservoir performance. Simulation can be used to determine the best development plan for a new reservoir or to improve an existing field by understanding historical production behavior and evaluating potential enhanced recovery schemes. Reservoir simulation can greatly improve the understanding of fluid flow within a reservoir. However, simulation output requires detailed scrutiny and should be cross-checked with real examples; as such, it should be implemented by an experienced, multi-functional team of geoscientists and reservoir engineers.

We use black oil and compositional models in our studies, and our experts are proficient with a variety of simulation software applications including Schlumberger Eclipse®, Halliburton Landmark’s Nexus, Rock Flow Dynamics’ tNavigator, Kappa Engineering’s Rubis, and Computer Modeling Group’s IMEX and GEM. No job is too large—our history match models have included fields with over 1,200 wells and 80 years of history. Be it a single-well evaluation, a mechanistic model, or a full-field history match, our experts are skilled in all aspects of reservoir simulation. And whether we are auditing an existing model, revising a client’s model to improve results, or creating a completely new model, we tailor each evaluation to meet the client’s needs. By working together, our team designs models with realistic reservoir characteristics that answer the questions central to a client’s objectives.

Our simulation projects have been used successfully in the following areas:

  • Equity redeterminations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Field development optimization studies
  • Gas storage field studies
  • Production rate sensitivity studies
  • Project finance support
  • Reserves certifications
  • Unconventional and tight reservoirs studies
  • Unconventional well spacing studies

To talk to one of our Reservoir Simulation experts, call Akshay Jayaram in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401 or John Cliver in our Houston office at 713-654-4950. We can also be contacted by email at for more information.