Operations Engineering Services

NSAI has engineers on staff who specialize in field operations, facilities planning and design, and drilling. We are able to provide much more than the traditional services associated with most reservoir evaluation consultants. Our staff can assist with strategic programs to maximize net revenues, monitor development programs, recommend programs to reduce operating and development costs, and provide onsite facilities inspections. With these services, and a number of cooperative alliances, we are able to assist our clients with a variety of operational needs to support or supplement their internal capabilities.

Services provided to our clients have included:

  • Assisting with bankruptcy valuations and workouts of poor performing investments
  • Providing analysis and ongoing surveillance of borrower’s development programs associated with specific loans and financial arrangements
  • Developing strategic programs to maximize net revenue opportunities
  • Recommending programs for reducing lease operating expenses and drilling and completion costs
  • Providing expertise to optimize secondary recovery projects
  • Reviewing AFEs and joint interest billings on behalf of non-operators
  • Performing domestic and international onsite inspections and due diligence reviews for potential acquisition or financial investment
  • Preparing abandonment cost estimates for FASB 143 compliance
  • Providing expert witness testimony for reserves valuations, lease validation, or operational disputes

To talk to one of our Operations Engineering experts, call Mike Krehel in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401 or Matt Pankey in our Houston office at 713-654-4950. We can also be contacted by email at info@nsai-petro.com for more information.