SEC Reserves Reports & Audits

NSAI was founded in 1961 to provide the highest quality engineering and geologic consulting to the petroleum industry. Today, more companies use NSAI for their SEC reporting needs than any other petroleum consulting firm. Our reserves reports have earned a reputation for reliability because of the substance behind each one. NSAI reports are highly trusted by the investing and financial community, whether for annual reporting, initial public offerings, or bond offerings.

NSAI Certified
All of our staff are intimately familiar with the recognized industry reserves and resources definitions. Over the years, we have prepared thousands of reports in accordance with the definitions and regulations of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our Licensed Professional Engineers and Geoscientists all meet the requirements regarding qualifications, independence, objectivity, and confidentiality set forth in the Standards Pertaining to the Estimating and Auditing of Oil and Gas Reserves Information promulgated by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. An NSAI report honors all the data and industry reserves definitions to give a full and fair inventory of reserves and cash flow. Each report is based on sound judgment, broad experience, technical expertise, and accepted practices.

Reputation. Expertise. Service.
We maintain a staff of highly competent technical personnel to ensure excellence in the quality of our work and in the service to our clients. Our engineers and geoscientists are all proven performers selected from major petroleum companies and independents. They understand the critical relationship that exists between our clients and the financial community.

We apply the right combination of people, expertise, and technology to each assignment. Whatever the scope, the result is a substantial and reliable technical evaluation. Our process also integrates the technical evaluation with the commercial aspects of the assets. We can independently evaluate pricing, expenses, capital, and the reasonableness of future development plans. Priority is placed on keeping our clients involved during the evaluation process so we can benefit from their valuable knowledge of the properties.

To talk to us regarding a reserves evaluation, call Eric Stevens in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401 or Rick Talley in our Houston office at 713-654-4950. We can also be contacted by email at