Deepwater Development Studies

At NSAI we have numerous professionals with focused experience in deepwater depositional environments who have been involved in exploration studies, reserves estimation and certification, development planning, detailed field studies, and regional studies around the world.  We have conducted fully integrated studies of multiblock deepwater areas including 3-D seismic and subsalt interpretation; petrophysical analysis; geocellular modeling; fluid property analysis; analysis of capital, operating, and abandonment costs; risk assessment; and reservoir modeling of all types for development planning and determination of reserves across all categories.

Northern Gulf of Mexico
The map below shows NSAI-evaluated deepwater fields and discoveries in the northern Gulf of Mexico, illustrating our extensive experience in deepwater GOM projects.  This experience has given NSAI the knowledge and familiarity to effectively and efficiently address client requests regarding reserves, valuations, operations, risk, and future potential.

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NSAI has also developed a notable inventory of worldwide deepwater project evaluations alongside the oil and gas industry’s expansion into the international deepwater arena.  We have worked extensively in offshore West African countries stretching from Morocco to Namibia and in offshore East Africa; our offshore Africa experience includes recent discoveries offshore Ghana, Angola, and Mozambique.  For more than two decades, we have assisted clients with exploration assessments; delineation and development planning; and field, economic, and risk studies of deepwater projects offshore Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nova Scotia, Peru, and Vietnam and in the Caspian, Mediterranean, and North Seas.  Our deepwater international clients include majors, smaller E&P companies, investments firms, and financial institutions interested in our independent project assessment for resources and reserves certifications, acquisitions and divestitures, and project funding.

To talk to an expert regarding a Deepwater evaluation, call Rudi de Zoeten in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401 or John Cliver in our Houston office at 713-654-4950. We can also be contacted by email at for more information.