Petrophysical Consulting Services

Our petrophysical consulting team has performed petrophysical evaluations for wells located in most of the major petroleum provinces in the world. We have experience in the evaluation of a wide range of complex lithology in clastic and carbonate reservoirs, and have performed fractured reservoir analyses in clastic, carbonate, shale, and basement environments. Evaluations include full integration of all available well log, core, geological, and well performance data. NSAI can assist with the development of efficient well log and core analysis programs to meet the necessary formation evaluation requirements for the least cost.

  • Integrated open-hole well log and core data evaluations for key volumetric parameters
  • Laminated shaly sand modeling, including experience in low-resistivity environments
  • NMR analysis of porosity and fluid parameters
  • Cased-hole well log analysis
  • Experience evaluating complex carbonate and coalbed methane reservoirs
  • Facies identification through integration of core descriptions and well log properties
  • Expertise generating and upscaling reservoir descriptions for static and dynamic modeling
  • Regional petrophysical modeling of unconventional plays, calibrated with extensive well log and core data from many of the most prolific basins