Equity Determinations

The unmatched resources, experience, and reputation of NSAI make us uniquely qualified to resolve equity disputes. Equity work typically consists of an entirely independent evaluation of original oil- and gas-in-place and recoverable reserves from within and across lease boundaries to determine equity ownership of current and produced volumes. Our preliminary reports, rebuttal documents, and final reports typically consist of extensive text and exhibits describing our methodologies, technical procedures, interpretations, and resolutions.

NSAI has significant equity redetermination experience throughout the world. We have also provided equity-related advisory services to multiple clients, including assisting a consortium of companies in drafting unitization laws and equity determination procedures for consideration by the government of Bolivia. More recently, we have advised our United States-based clients during the early stages of an equity determination on the large Zama Discovery in the Bay of Campeche, offshore Mexico. In the Browse Basin, offshore Australia, we reviewed field data and reservoir models and assisted our client in drafting equity determination procedures on the basis of volumetric estimation of ultimate recovery.

To talk to one of our experts regarding an Equity Determination, call either Scott Frost or Phil Hodgson in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401. We can also be contacted by email at info@nsai-petro.com for more information.