Prospective Resources Assessments

An independent assessment of exploration resources, whether in association with reserves evaluation work or as a stand-alone project, is an important service we provide to our clients. A reliable risk and volumetric assessment of undiscovered, untested, or undeveloped hydrocarbons requires knowledge and understanding of basin-wide petroleum systems and the ability to assess and rank prevalent play types, prospective areas, and potential hydrocarbon volume distributions. Our exploration resources assessment team is comprised of geoscientists and reservoir engineers with extensive exploration experience who have applied this expertise for clients worldwide.

To talk to one of our Exploration Resources Assessment experts call either Phil Hodgson or Dan Walker in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401, or click here for an on-line option.

Our experts are proficient in the proper implementation of probabilistic resources estimation and conducting thorough prospect risk assessments. NSAI’s 50-plus year history of conducting field and reservoir evaluations provides a solid foundation for field development planning, forecasting product deliverability, and generating cash flow models of potential hydrocarbon discoveries. Our integrated geologic, engineering, and economic assessments provide a ranked and risked portfolio analysis that can help in making informed business decisions regarding exploratory expenditures, potential acquisitions, farm-outs/farm-ins, property trades, lease sales, or lease relinquishments.

Our scope of work may include:
  • Review client data to identify potential hydrocarbon accumulations or conduct a review of the client’s prospect inventory
  • Analyze the prospective basin based on experience supplemented with published literature
  • Conduct probabilistic volumetric assessment of prospects and leads using pertinent well log, seismic, and analogous reservoir data
  • Perform prospect risk analysis considering source rock volume, quality, type, and thermal maturity; migration pathways and timing; trapping mechanisms; seal capacity; and reservoir presence and quality
  • Aggregate resources by play type and by block or region
  • Prepare potential development plans and economic models
  • Assemble a ranked portfolio of exploration opportunities
  • Provide detailed reports with discussion, figures, text, and tables
Our clients range from small independent operators to major national oil companies as shown in the partial list below:

Addax Petroleum NV
BHP Petroleum
CERES Resource Partners LP
Circle Oil PLC
Cliveden Petroleum Company, LTD
Corda Corporation
DNO ASA (UK Branch)
Gasco Energy, Inc.
Frontera Resources Corp.

Marsh Operating Company
Pemex Exploración y Producción
Petroleum Oil & Gas Espana, SA
Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
Ridgewood Energy
Vanco Energy Company
Waggoner (Barbados) Limited
Woodside Energy (USA) Inc