Operations Engineering Services

Netherland Sewell is a recognized leader in providing geoscience and reservoir engineering expertise around the world. Our excellent service and unparalleled staff allow us to bring the same high level of experience and skill to our operations engineering services. With these services and a series of cooperative alliances we are able to assist our clients with a variety of operational needs.

To talk to one of our Operations Engineering experts, call Mike Krehel in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401 or email for more information.

Services provided to our clients have included:
  • Assistance with bankruptcy workouts, including expert testimony
  • Monitoring, on behalf of lender, borrower’s development programs associated with specific loans
  • Development of strategic programs to maximize net revenue
  • Recommending programs for reducing lease operating and drilling costs
  • Preparing exploration and development programs and associated budgets
  • Providing expertise to enhance secondary recovery projects
  • Review of AFEs and joint interest billings
  • Performing domestic and international onsite inspections and due diligence
  • Determining equipment inventories and salvage values
  • Preparing abandonment costs for FASB 143 compliance
Selected clients:

Our clients range from small independent operators to major national oil companies, and include leading financial institutions around the world.

  • Pemex Exploración y Producción
  • Hamon Operating Company
  • Tri-Coastal Energy, LP
  • OXY USA Inc.
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • Halliburton International, Inc.
  • GE Capital Services
  • AIG Financial Products Corp.
  • Haynes and Boone, LLP
Selected Operations Projects
  • Managed Hamon Operating Company for 10 years
  • Served as liaison between operating company and lender during major offshore Russian development program
  • Assisted Pemex Exploración y Producción in reducing offshore drilling costs
  • Advised client and coordinated services for major workover and horizontal drilling program in gas storage field
  • Reviewed development plans for deepwater offshore Africa project
  • Designed drilling program and coordinated drilling of initial coal gas well for client
  • Prepared recommendations to enhance CO2 flood operations for major independent
  • Worked with lender over 14-month period to collect $130 million in bad debt
Contact NSAI today if you:

… are a lender with distressed properties or loans that would benefit from an unbiased team working alongside your client
… are an operator desiring to keep your competitive edge with today’s rapidly advancing technology
… need additional manpower without adding staff
… have a fiduciary responsibility for assets of outside parties
… are looking for ways to maximize property value
… have a great opportunity but don’t know how to get started
… have other needs requiring the service of one or more of our non-affiliated alliance partners