Gas Storage Development Studies

Gas storage reservoirs and operations are an important segment in the delivery of gas to the end-user market. Many facets of gas storage facilities are similar to the upstream producing properties that originally supply the gas. There are, however, many issues that are unique to storage operations. The Netherland Sewell Gas Storage team has been performing engineering and geologic evaluations of storage reservoirs for over two decades and has accumulated relevant gas storage experience measured in tens of thousands of man-hours. NSAI’s 50-plus year history of performing reservoir evaluations gives our experts tremendous insights into the unique aspects and complexities of storage evaluations. We are confident that our integrated geologic and engineering assessments will provide the results you need.

To talk to one of our Gas Storage experts please call either Mike Begland in our Dallas office at 214-969-5401 or Mike Norton in our Houston office at 713-654-4950, or click here for an on-line option.

Our scope of work generally includes:

  • Geologic assessment of the storage reservoir’s structure and trapping mechanisms along with assessment of surrounding reservoirs
  • Review of historical storage facility performance, including hysteresis analysis
  • Material balance and reservoir simulation
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Field operations audit
  • Planning and implementation of optimization programs

Selected services include:

  • Assistance with FERC filings
  • Assistance with KCC operating permit filings
  • Assistance with planning and monitoring
  • Consultation on operational issues
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Fair market valuations of original and native remaining gas
  • Gas migration studies
  • Horizontal well expertise
  • Inventory verification studies
  • Reservoir modeling
  • Storage conversion studies
  • Storage optimization studies
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